dining out @ South Market Bistro (Wooster)

May 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

One thing has always been true about me:  I love going out to eat.  I obsess over menus for days.   Going to a restaurant, whether new or an old favorite, is like a mini-vacation.

Wooster, Ohio, is the perfect meeting place for me and my boyfriend, Ty, with him near Cleveland and me in Columbus.  On our first Wooster date last winter, we stumbled upon the South Market Bistro in the town square.  And last week, we returned for a taste of their Spring menu!


fresh bread.  


panko-crusted green olives stuffed with boursin cheese.  these olives were basically a combination of my favorite things: salty olives, crispy breadcrumbs, and warm cheese.

they disappeared real fast.


the house salad.  a generous assortment of greens, with croutons and olives as garnish.


pan-seared diver scallops.  these nicely cooked scallops were served in a bacon-cream sauce.  it paired perfectly with the light flavor of the scallops.  the crispy leeks, kale, and asparagus were a nice complement to the dish.


springtime rabbit.  the texture and flavor of rabbit is not my thing, but my boyfriend loved the dish of roasted rabbit loin.  i will say that the bourbon mustard sauce was unique.

A lovely meal, albeit a pricey one.  We will be back for a third trip, for sure.


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